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Writing with the Flow.

While I wholeheartedly believe that when it comes to writing, the quality of a story is far more important than the quantity (number of pages, chapters etc) I am proud to inform everyone who is reading this that in the past seven days, I have written 150+ pages in the story about The Damn CatContinue reading “Writing with the Flow.”

What makes a Writer

I’ve never believed that writing is a skill, at least not one that you can teach or learn. I took a few creative writing courses in high school, stayed after school once every other weeks to share short stories and poems with the Creative Writing Club and looked forward to each of my English classesContinue reading “What makes a Writer”

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MPS Awareness Day 2022

This Sunday, May 15th is International MPS Awareness Day. MPS is a group of rare lysosomal storage diseases. In my book “Taylor’s Bond” the character Emma Perkins has MPS Type IV. All MPS disorders are genetic and differ based on the specific enzyme deficiency that they have, however the lack of the enzyme causes aContinue reading “MPS Awareness Day 2022”

Two days in the Life of Samantha Reens; one before her surgery, and one after.

There are two parts in my novel “Taylor’s Bond” where you get to see part of what a typical day of high school looks like for Samantha Reens. One, three days after the semi-finals basketball game in which the captain walks through those hallways with her head high up on her shoulders, and another, whichContinue reading “Two days in the Life of Samantha Reens; one before her surgery, and one after.”

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